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Steve Smith - Blenheim VRFF Authorised Person and Volunteer with Fire and Emergency

Steve Smith - Blenheim VRFF


Name:                                                   Steve Smith
Crew Name:                                           Blenheim Rural
Previous crew experience:                    
Service length:                                      From around February 2016

I am one of the newer members of the local crew and from day one I have been impressed by the attention that is given to safety and training.  All I would want from the new organisation is a commitment to continue this.

Why do you volunteer:
I sold my business some years ago and as I had a good run thought it was time I started giving back to the community.
I am married with two daughters (twins, aged 25).
I am originally from Thames and prior to moving to Blenheim in 2003 (my wife’s home town) my business was based in Auckland.  In the last few years I have completed four Ironman events and spent two years (off and on) doing voluntary work in the Pacific. I was there teaching commerce and business.  My favourite place was Malaita in the Solomon Islands.
Fire fighters in the Solomon Islands have a local name which translates to ‘Miracle Workers’.  When I queried this they said that their equipment and gear is so out-dated if they can actually get to a fire it is a miracle.