Fire Permit Application

Fire Permit Application

Fire can be a good friend but a vicious master if uncontrolled.

The Marlborough-Kaikoura region is one of the most fire-prone areas in the country through out the year.  Don’t let your actions put yourself, your loved ones or others at risk of fire.

Fire in our landscape – Everyone’s responsibility.

The Marlborough Kaikoura Fire & Emergency New Zealand Team

Important Information about this application:  This application process does not constitute approval to light a fire in a restricted fire season.  Your local Rural Fire Officer will decide if this application has enough detail in order to make a decision about granting a permit, granting a permit with additional conditions or declining the fire permit application.  You need to read and under the Notes for Permittees and the standard conditions listed plus any other your RFO may decide are needed in order for the burn to be conducted in a safe manner.

Welcome to the Marlborough Kaikoura Fire & Emergency New Zealand Online Fire Permit Application Page. Learn more about Fire Permit Requirements.

Check It's Alright Before You Light

Before you begin – check your location on Checkitsalright to determine whether you need a permit or if a total fire ban is in place – a fire permit is required when your zone is in a restricted fire season.

The application should approximately take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Updated information for Fire Permits as at 15 March 2018: Marlborough Kaikoura Fire and Emergency revoked the previously declared Restricted Fire season from 0800hrs on 15 March 2018 for all land administered by Kaikoura District Council and all rural land administered by the Marlborough District Council except for all areas north of the Wairau River, excluding Rarangi, Wither Hills/Taylor Pass. 

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What Insurance protection do I need to cover any potential fire related costs, losses and liabilities?Hows your cover?

You need to consider:

  1. 1.Insurance of property for loss and replacement from fire:
    For your house, household effects, other buildings, vehicles, plant and machinery, forests and crops.
  2. 2.Public Liability Insurance. 
    To cover the cost of damage and loss to a third party from anything (including fire) that escapes from your property and damages other parties property.

Check Your Insurance Policy today. Remember to talk to your insurer to confirm cover and appropriate limits